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about us

         Farmhouse is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men through Four fold development. Farmhouse seeks to build men with intellectual, social/Moral, Spiritual, and physical Development.



The object of our fraternity is to promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness, and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life. Progress shall mark our every step; the spirit of congeniality shall reign at all times; and every member shall be honest with himself as with his brothers. Men elected to our membership are considered to be of good moral character, to be high in scholarship, to have the capacity for meeting and making friends, and to give promise of service to their fellowmen and to the world. To be and become such may at times require a sacrifice of time, pleasures and comforts.


FarmHouse History and Purpose

FarmHouse Fraternity was founded at the University of Missouri on April 15, 1905. Our founding fathers were D. Howard Doane, Robert F. Howard, Claude B. Hutchison, Henry H. Krusekopf, Earl and Henry Rusk, and Melvin E. Sherwin. These seven men formed the basis of a fraternity that has almost
fifty chapters and thirty thousand total initiated brothers.
In the mid-nineties, the idea of FarmHouse came to Clemson University. We initially chartered in 1995 and later went inactive. Later, an interest group was again founded at Clemson which lead to us being chartered on February 7, 2015. Being a younger fraternity allows our members to have more of an
impact in the day-to-day decisions and operations of the Fraternity and allows for an opportunity for younger members to gain leadership roles. With our New Member Education program, this brotherhood seeks to develop leaders and give young men the skills and resources to help them with all facets of
college life at Clemson University and life after college. In addition to valuable skills, we strive to educate new members about the history and traditions of FarmHouse along with the history of Clemson University.
We strive to create a diverse, well-rounded group of men from all backgrounds in order to create a unique college and fraternal experience for all of our members. Clemson FarmHouse has men from a variety of majors, locations, and walks of life. Brothers in FarmHouse can expect to be held to a high
academic and moral standard. They can also expect to have the social aspect many desire from a fraternity experience.
We hope the best for you in your journey of IFC recruitment and we look forward to meeting  you at any of our recruitment events.


Partnership with the Rutland Institute for Ethics

Farmhouse Fraternity is happy to partner with the Rutland Institute for Ethics (RIE) at Clemson University. Through partnering with RIE, FarmHouse hopes to improve our community for the better.  We strive to ethically and morally promote Greek Life here on campus, and we hope to change people’s perceptions of fraternities and sororities.  By positively changing people’s perceptions of Greek Organizations here at Clemson, we believe that it could have a huge impact not only on the Greek Community, but the Clemson Community at large.  Positive perceptions can lead to an increase in Greek Organization members and participation with important philanthropy events within our community.  This in turn has a positive impact on the Greek Community, the University, and the Clemson Community as a whole.  FarmHouse Fraternity’s goal for a partnership with the Rutland Institute of Ethics is not only to improve our organization, but to improve our entire community.  The brothers of FarmHouse understand that in order to have a positive impact on Clemson, the entire Greek Community has to work together to ethically and morally promote Greek Life.  Our hope is that this partnership with RIE allows us to reach more people, paint the Greek Community in a positive light, and help improve the entire Clemson community. If you would like to learn more about the Rutland Institute, please visit



Q: Is FarmHouse a "real" fraternity?

A: Yes, FarmHouse is every bit a "real" fraternity. We are a member of, and recognized by the Interfraternal Council at Clemson. we hold social and philanthropic events as well as participating in the philanthropies of other Greek organizations. we also partner and mix with other fraternities and sororities around campus. The only major difference is that we do not use Greek letters.


Q: If it's a real fraternity, then why doesn't FarmHouse use Greek letters?

A: Our Founders believed that brotherhood was something special which was often ignored by some fraternities, who focused solely on their letters as a Greek organization and lacked emphasis on improving the brothers themselves. Like the letters of any Greek-lettered social fraternity, the letters of FarmHouse hold special ideals which our brothers strive to uphold each day:


Q: I've heard FarmHouse is a dry fraternity. Is this true?

A: No, FarmHouse is not a dry fraternity. As with any other fraternity, members of age may consume alcohol in accordance with IFC regulations.

Q: Do I have to major in agriculture to become a member?

A:  No. at one time the fraternity only allowed students in agriculture school. Now, students from any discipline may rush Farmhouse, and our chapter has members in engineering, business, as well as agriculture.

Q: Seeing as many fraternities at Clemson appear to have experienced sanctions
due to IFC violations, is FarmHouse in good standing with the University?

A: Yes. We are in excellent standing with IFC and the University. We hold our brothers to a high standard to insure we remain as such.


Q:Do I need to be religious to rush Farmhouse?

AA: NO, while faith and spirituality are an important aspect of farmhouse ideals, you do not need to hold specific beliefs to join.

Fall Rush 2019 Calendar

Pre-rush events

August 23rd - September 7th

Various events at various locations throughout this time period

Formal rush

September 8th - 14th

more details about rush will be added closer to fall




If you are interested in rushing the Clemson University FarmHouse chapter, or have any questions, please submit your name and contact information below, and we will get back to you, eventually. 

Our Director of Recruitment, Garrett McKinney, can be reached directly at: