Q: Is FarmHouse a "real" fraternity?

A: Yes, FarmHouse is every bit a "real" fraternity. We are a member of, and recognized by the Interfraternal Council at Clemson. we hold social and philanthropic events as well as participating in the philanthropies of other Greek organizations. we also partner and mix with other fraternities and sororities around campus. The only major difference is that we do not use Greek letters.


Q: If it's a real fraternity, then why doesn't FarmHouse use Greek letters?

A: Our Founders believed that brotherhood was something special which was often ignored by some fraternities, who focused solely on their letters as a Greek organization and lacked emphasis on improving the brothers themselves. Like the letters of any Greek-lettered social fraternity, the letters of FarmHouse hold special ideals which our brothers strive to uphold each day:


Q: I've heard FarmHouse is a dry fraternity. Is this true?

A: No, FarmHouse is not a dry fraternity. As with any other fraternity, members of age may consume alcohol in accordance with IFC regulations.

Q: Do I have to major in agriculture to become a member?

A:  No. at one time the fraternity only allowed students in agriculture school. Now, students from any discipline may rush Farmhouse, and our chapter has members in engineering, business, as well as agriculture.

Q: Seeing as many fraternities at Clemson appear to have experienced sanctions
due to IFC violations, is FarmHouse in good standing with the University?

A: Yes. We are in excellent standing with IFC and the University. We hold our brothers to a high standard to insure we remain as such.


Q:Do I need to be religious to rush Farmhouse?

AA: NO, while faith and spirituality are an important aspect of farmhouse ideals, you do not need to hold specific beliefs to join.